Working on a roof.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Most tradies will have some level of life insurance within their superannuation. This is definitely a good thing, but unfortunately many tradespeople (and most of the general public) confuse ‘having life insurance’ with ‘having sufficient life insurance’. So how much life insurance should you have? In this guide we’ll try to answer that, and we’llRead More

Working on a roof.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is vital for any tradesperson, but especially if you have a mortgage or a family to support. The funds paid from your life insurance policy will assist your family be ensuring they are not burdened by your mortgage and other debts and expenses. What is life insurance? Life insurance will pay your estateRead More


Life Insurance for Tradies

Most tradies choose to only take out the minimum levels of insurance in order to get themselves onto the worksite. In most cases this means public liability and income protection, but there are other forms of insurance out there which are definitely worth considering. The form of insurance we’ll be looking at today is lifeRead More