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This website exists to promote the importance of insurance to tradespeople, to make them aware of which insurance providers offer insurance to tradespeople, and ultimately to allow tradespeople to request a quote on their insurance.

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Insurance Companies

Around our website you may see the names and logos of various insurance companies.

When you request a quote from our website there is no certainty that you will receive a quote from all or any of these insurance companies.

However we do know that these insurers do offer insurance products which are suitable for tradespeople, and we expect that our referral partners do have access to these insurers.

If you would like a quote from a specific insurer you need to let the insurance broker know. Alternatively you can contact the insurance company directly for a quote.

Advice Warning

All information contained within this website is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances, needs or objectives.

You should not act upon any information contained within this website without first seeking professional advice.

Whilst we seek to work only with reputable professionals, we cannot recommend or endorse any person that we refer your details to, nor can we guarantee that they are suitably licensed, qualified, suitable or even able to meet your needs.

You must do your own research not only on the products listed on this website, but also on the suitability of any financial adviser or insurance broker that we refer your details to.

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