As an electrician you are exposed to a wide range of risks every day.

Some of these risks are relatively minor, whilst others are literally life and death situations.

Thankfully there are a range of insurances available to protect electricians and their families.

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Public Liability Insurance Income Protection Insurance Tool Insurance
Covers you if your work results in damage to someone's property, or causes an injury or death. Pays you an income if you are unable to work due to injury of illness. Covers the value of your tools if they are stolen or damaged due to fire or storm.

For any electrician there are three main risks to consider, with the first two of them being especially serious:

  • Suffering an injury, illness or death yourself
  • Causing property damage, injury or death to someone else
  • Having your tools and equipment stolen or damaged

These three risks can be covered with three main types of insurance, being life insurance (including income protection and TPD), public liability and tool insurance.

There are a range of other risks to consider, but these are the main ones that we will be covering in this guide.

We will now go into more detail on each of these covers.

Public Liability

This is the most common form of insurance required by electricians.

Virtually all licensed electrical contractors in Australia will need to hold public liability insurance as a condition of their contractors licence.

Public liability is designed to protect an electrician against the financial risks associated with causing property damage or personal injury (including death) to another person.

You can read more about public liability insurance by following this link.

Life Insurance

Incorporating income protection, TPD insurance and trauma insurance

When most people think about life insurance they think of a policy that pays out when they die.

But also falling under this banner are a range of other covers including income protection, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance and trauma insurance.

For electricians the most common cover of this type is income protection, which can replace up to 75% of your income for a period of time while you are unable to work.

For more information about income protection please follow the link.

Tool Insurance

The last of the major forms of electrician insurance we will look at is tool cover.

There are various forms of cover available which offer varying levels of protection. A typical policy will cover theft from a secure location, fire damage and damage caused in a vehicle collision.

For more information please follow the link to our tool insurance page.

Electrician Insurance Quotes

Here at Tradesman Insurance we can provide quotes on all of the abovementioned forms of cover along with a range of other electrician insurance types.

To obtain a quote on your cover please complete our online quote request or contact our office.


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