Public Liability Insurance is vital for any self-employed tradesman, and the cost can be from as low as $35 per month.

The policy will cover you if your work results in property damage or a person’s injury or death.

As part of the Trade Risk Group we’ve helped over 10,000 tradies and builders with their public liability insurance needs.

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What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance will cover you if you cause damage to someone’s property, or if they suffer an injury or any other type of loss as a result of your work.

You may think you don’t make any mistakes and don’t need cover, but no matter how good we are and how much care we take, mistakes can happen.

Sometimes an error may simply cause a few hundred dollars worth of damage. Of course we still don’t like it, but at least we can cover the costs without breaking the bank.

But what if something more serious happened? What if your work resulted in a property being completely destroyed? Could you deal with covering hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage on your own?

What if the error resulted in serious injury or even death to someone? The courts can award millions in these types of cases, and if you don’t have public liability insurance you’ll have to come up with those funds on your own.

When public liability can be held for such a small outlay and with such little hassle, surely you’d be crazy not to have it!

Public liability insurance cost

The cost of public liability can change dramatically depending on the type and size of business you run, but for our average clients who are generally sole traders or subcontractors, the price can be from as low as $39 per month

There are a number of factors that contribute to the public liability insurance cost. The type of business will have a great impact, followed by the number of people involved in the business and the annual turnover of the business.

The cost of public liability insurance can also vary from one insurance company to the next, and that’s why it’s worth getting your insurance via a tradesman insurance broker who knows how to get the best deal to suit your individual situation.

Public Liability Insurance Australia

Public liability insurance in Australia is utilised by many types of businesses, but the trades industry is certainly one of the largest users of public liability insurance.

Tradesman public liability insurance is available throughout Australia, and at Tradesman Insurance we have a network of insurance brokers and financial advisers throughout the country.