Here in Queensland there are special insurance requirements for electricians applying for an electrical contractors licence.

Like most electricians around Australia there is a requirement for public liability cover, but in Qld there is an additional and unique requirement for consumer protection insurance.

The requirements in order to apply for or renew an existing licence are as follows:

  • Public liability insurance – minimum $5,000,000
  • Consumer protection insurance – minimum $50,000
  • Approved certificate of currency

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Public Liability Cover

The main requirement for Qld electricians is public liability insurance of no less than $5 million.

Public liability is intended to cover electricians for property damage or personal injury that they cause to others through negligence.

As well as needing it for the licence, many electricians will need public liability cover in order to enter certain worksites operated by the big building and construction companies.

Consumer Protection

Electricians in Qld have an insurance requirement that is unique among other Australian states, and that is the requirement for consumer protection cover.

Your public liability policy must include consumer protection cover of $50,000, and the policy must also include the specific Qld electrician endorsement.

Only a handful of insurers are able to offer this cover, so if you are taking out cover it is vital that you ask your broker or insurance company whether or not their cover meets the Qld requirements.

Certificate of Currency

All insurance companies can issue certificates of currency to their customers, but for a Qld electrical contractors licence you will need a special certificate approved by the state government.

When taking out your policy, be sure ask your broker if they are able to provide the official government certificate, because if they can’t you won’t be able to get your licence.

Here at Tradesman Insurance the insurance firm we use can supply the required certificate.


The cost of public liability insurance for an electrician, and any tradesman for that matter, will depend largely on the type of work you are doing and the size of your business.

For the average electrician working as a sole trader on residential and light commercial projects the cost of the insurance will be in the vicinity of $500 – $700 per year. If you have a higher than average turnover or multiple staff the cost will be higher.

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