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How to Become a Subcontractor

Becoming a subcontractor is a very popular option in the building industry. Many tradies will complete their apprenticeship, get a couple of years under their belt, then go out on the own as a subcontractor. Why do it?  Some people see extra money, extra freedoms and perhaps a bit of variety if you’re subcontracting toRead More

Tradesman Insurance Reviews

Tradesman Insurance Reviews

There are so many tradesman insurance businesses around now, and a great way to sort through them is to check their reviews. Sure you can look at how cheap their premiums are, how fancy their website looks, how many followers they have on Facebook, but nothing works better than genuine reviews. So how do youRead More


Public Liability Insurance Cost

For any self-employed tradesman, public liability is going to be the most commonly required form of insurance. For any business it’s important to keep costs down, so naturally you’ll want to keep your public liability insurance cost down too! In this guide we’ll take a look at what makes up the cost of your cover,Read More

Electrician Insurance

Electricians Public Liability Insurance

Pretty much all self-employed trades need public liability, but perhaps none more so than electricians. For starters, it’s mandatory for your electrical contractors licence in some Australian states. Secondly, as an electrician there are plenty of risks involved in your trade, and working without insurance would be madness. What is public liability? Unlike many typesRead More

How is my turnover calculated?

If you’ve ever taken out public liability insurance, you’ll know that one of the questions asked is about your turnover. We find that most tradies know what makes up their turnover, but for some it isn’t so clear. So to clear it up once and for all we’ve put together this handy guide. Turnover definitionRead More

Electrician Insurance

Comparing quotes at renewal time

There are two different times that a tradie will be comparing insurance quotes. The first is when you’re taking out a policy for the first time, and the second is when your policy is up for renewal. When comparing tradies insurance policies at renewal time, what do you need to look out for?  In thisRead More

Does my public liability fully protect me on site?

Many tradies figures once they take out public liability insurance, they are pretty well looked after if something goes wrong on site. There are a few exceptions, such as having your tools knocked off or injuring yourself, which most people know are covered by tool insurance and income protection. But when it comes to damageRead More

Painters Insurance

Tradie business structures

When starting out as a self-employed tradie, something to consider is your business structure. Most tradies will go with the sole-trader option to start with, but it’s definitely not the only option. Let’s take a look at some of the more common business structure options. Sole trader This is the most popular option amongst tradies,Read More

Stolen Tools

Insuring your tools

Tradies having their tools stolen is becoming all too common in Australia. Sometimes it’s a couple of power tools taken from the back of the ute, and other times it’s the whole ute plus the trailer! Either way there isn’t much worse than walking out to your driveway in the morning to see that yourRead More

Working on a roof.

Working at heights

For many trades, working at heights is all part of the job. Whether or not you work at heights will also be a question asked of you when taking out insurance. Your answer can impact upon the cost of your insurance, or whether the insurer will even offer you cover at all. Not all insurersRead More