Whatever your trade is, there is one tool that all tradesmen need – insurance.

Tradesmen are exposed to more risks than almost any other occupation, and because many of you are subcontracting or running your own business, you are financially exposed to those risks yourself.

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Tradesman insurance is a great way to protect against these risks, and there a number of different types of insurance that can be used by all tradies.

To protect yourself financially against any damage that you may cause to someone else’s property, or any injury that you may cause to someone, public liability insurance is a must for all tradesmen.

In most cases it is mandatory for tradies to have public liability insurance before they can get onto the worksite, but even if it is not mandatory for your particular trade we higher recommend that you consider it.

The next most popular insurance for tradesmen is tool insurance. As tradies we know that our tools are our key to earning, so we need to protect them financially from loss or accidental damage. Tool insurance will help to cover these costs instead of having to dig into your own pocket.

Income protection is also important for any tradesman. If you’re a subbie or run your own business, you certainly won’t have any sick leave. Workers compensation can sometimes help, but is no good if you’re injured outside of work or suffer an illness that leaves you unable to work.

As is the case with public liability insurance, often income protection insurance will be mandatory for tradesmen before they can get onto the website. Your choice is to take the cheapest policy just to get onto the worksite, or take the opportunity to take out a good policy that is going to provide value to you and your family.

Tradesman insurance isn’t just limited to the covers listed above, but these are certainly the major types of insurance that the average tradie will need to protect themselves.

Other types of insurance that tradesmen should consider are life insurance, which pays a lump sum to your family if you pass away; TPD insurance which will cover you if you can no longer work in your trade due to a major illness or injury; and trauma insurance which will cover you in the event of suffering a critical illness.

Most insurance policies issued by Australian insurance companies will be suitable for tradesmen, however there are some small but important differences between them that can make one policy for suitable for a tradesman that the next policy.

Working out which insurance policy suits your trade best can be tricky if you’re not an insurance expert. We recommend using a tradesman insurance expert to find the best policy to suit your trade along with your own individual needs and objectives. For more information on tradesman insurance please feel free to look around our website and read through the product descriptions. When you’re ready to talk with someone please give us a call or use our online quote request to find out how inexpensive your tradesman insurance could be.


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