Life insurance is vital for any tradesperson, but especially if you have a mortgage or a family to support.

The funds paid from your life insurance policy will assist your family be ensuring they are not burdened by your mortgage and other debts and expenses.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance will pay your estate a lump sum in the event of your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.

The funds can be used by your loved ones for any purpose they wish, but are often used to repay mortgages and business debt, as well as providing funds for living whilst they get through the grieving process and work out what to do with themselves.

The amount of life insurance you should have varies depending on many factors, including the size of any debts held as well as your overall goals and objectives. Some people like to have enough just to cover debts, whilst others want to have enough life insurance to ensure their loved ones who are left behind have enough money to last for the rest of their lives.

Life Insurance Australia

Life insurance in Australia is utilised by many different people in many different occupations and industries, and the trades industry is no exception.

Tradesman life insurance is available throughout Australia, and at Tradesman Insurance we have a network of insurance brokers and financial advisers throughout the country.


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