Plumbers InsuranceMost tradesmen who come to us seeking insurance quotes operate in a single trade, but each week we will get a handful of tradies working in dual occupations.

Whilst it may not seem unusual for someone to have a dual occupation as a carpenter and handyman for example, some insurance companies can get a little uncomfortable with the situation.

In this guide we will run through the ins and outs of getting insurance for your business if you are undertaking work in two or more different trades or occupation types.

Examples of Multiple Occupations

Many of the tradies we deal with who operate in more than one area do so out of necessity. It may be a carpenter for example who can’t quite get enough work, so he also starts taking on handyman jobs.

Or perhaps a lawn mowing contractor who wants to grow his business by also offering cleaning services to his existing clients.

A different case altogether is that of partnerships where there are two different trades. An example of this would be an electrician and a plumber who have formed a business partnership together.

Insurance Considerations

When it comes to trade insurance in these cases there are two main issues to be looked at.

The first issue is that dual trades or occupations can be unloved by some insurers. They seem to be scared that a tradie can’t specialise in two different areas and therefore are too much of a risk to insure.

Thankfully there are insurers out there who have a better understanding and are happy to look at people who are offering services in two or more different areas.

The second issue is that some tradesmen aren’t aware that their policy only covers them for the occupation which is listed on the policy.

An example of this may be a chippy who things his carpenters insurance policy will also cover him for the lawn mowing service he has started up.

If you are offering more than one service within your business, it is imperative that you have each and every service listed on your insurance policy.

More Information

Here at Tradesman Insurance we specialise in insurance for the trades and services industry, and therefore we know which insurers to go to for people with dual occupations.

To get started please visit our online quote request form and follow the prompts, and of course use the special text area to include any additional services you are offering.

Once we have received your quote request via the website we will refer you to an insurance broker or adviser who we know can deal with multiple occupations and dual trades.


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