Car detailing may not be considered to be one of the traditional trades, but you are still providing a professional service and in some cases you may still require insurance.

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In this guide we’ll take a look at the risks you face as a car detailer and the types of insurance available to manage those risks.

Do I Need Insurance?

Whether or not you need insurance really depends on how you are engaged in your work, be it as an employee, a contractor or a business owner.

Car Detailers InsuranceIf you are an employee on wages you won’t have any mandatory insurance requirements, however you may be able to benefit from insurance types such as income protection and life insurance.

If you work as a contractor (or subcontractor) you will most likely need to have your own public liability cover.

If you run your own small business there are a range of covers you may need including public liability, income protection and more.

Insurance for Car Detailers

We’ve already mentioned a couple of insurance types for car detailers above, and now we’ll go into a little more detail.

Public liability is the most commonly required cover for car detailers. You can read more about it here, but basically it covers you for damage to property or personal injury that you cause.

An option that anyone in the automotive industry will want (or need) to include in their public liability is driving risk cover.

Driving risk cover, sometimes known as driving risk extension, will cover you for damage caused to a customer’s vehicle whilst you are driving it.

On the personal side of things there is income protection and life insurance. Both of these covers, especially income protection, are generally more popular with self-employed workers, but really any worker can benefit from these types of cover.

Car DetailingMore Information

If you work in the car detailing industry and think you may need some insurance, the best option is to contact an insurance broker who can assess your needs and make suitable recommendations.

Here at Tradesman Insurance we can assist car detailers with their cover. Simply complete our online quote form or call our office and we will put you in touch with a suitable insurance professional.


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