Public Liability Insurance Cost

For any self-employed tradesman, public liability is going to be the most commonly required form of insurance. For any business it’s important to keep costs down, so naturally you’ll want to keep your public liability insurance cost down too! In this guide we’ll take a look at what makes up the cost of your cover,Read More

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Electricians Public Liability Insurance

Pretty much all self-employed trades need public liability, but perhaps none more so than electricians. For starters, it’s mandatory for your electrical contractors licence in some Australian states. Secondly, as an electrician there are plenty of risks involved in your trade, and working without insurance would be madness. What is public liability? Unlike many typesRead More

Does my public liability fully protect me on site?

Many tradies figures once they take out public liability insurance, they are pretty well looked after if something goes wrong on site. There are a few exceptions, such as having your tools knocked off or injuring yourself, which most people know are covered by tool insurance and income protection. But when it comes to damageRead More

Electrician Insurance

Why Do Tradesmen Need Public Liability Insurance?

It’s a fair enough question for a tradesman to ask: Why do I have to take out public liability? It is the most commonly required form of insurance on the worksite, but many tradesmen are left in the dark as to why they actually need it. In this article we will take a look atRead More

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Public Liability for Tradesmen

If you’re a subcontractor or self-employed tradesman, you’ve probably been told that you need public liability insurance. Public liability is a form of insurance required by tradesmen and other business owners that covers them for any personal injury or property damage that they cause. Here in Australia, public liability insurance is mandatory for many tradesmenRead More


Trade Public Liability Insurance

If you work for yourself in the trades, public liability insurance is vital. Many tradesmen will actually find that public liability cover is mandatory in order for them to work. In some cases this is set by the relevant state licensing authority, and sometimes it is set by the big building companies and work sites.Read More

Working on a roof.

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

There is one type of insurance that every tradesman needs – public liability insurance. Public liability insurance protects tradesmen against the financial consequences of property damage or person injury caused by a tradesman or his work. Property damage claims for public liability can range from the very small to the very large. Some claims areRead More