Here at Tradesman Insurance we can help gardeners and landscapers with a range of insurance solutions to protect you and your business.

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Anyone working in the gardening and landscaping industry will know that things can go wrong on the job. Some incidents are quite minor, but others can have major consequences.

To help protect you from the financial consequences we can assist gardeners, lawn mowing contractors and landscapers (both soft and hard) with a range of insurance products.

Gardeners.Facing the Risks

Anyone who has been working in the industry for a few years will know the risks involved. Most gardeners or landscapers will either have had something go wrong, or will know of someone who has.

Many of the common risks are quite minor. For anyone mowing lawns, they will know how hard it is to stop stones from flicking up and breaking windows or scratching cars. Often these claims are small and can be settled in cash on the spot, but many will know how expensive some car windscreens can be!

Other risks can be far more serious. The more serious claims generally involve personal injury. This could be an injury to yourself, which can be covered by income protection and TPD insurance, or an injury to a customer or member of the public, which can be covered by public liability insurance.

Another common risk for anyone working in the trades and services industry is the risk of having your tools and equipment stolen. Unfortunately there are people out there who are willing to steal what you have worked for, and they don’t care how they get it.

Types of Insurance

Thankfully all of the risks detailed above can be managed through insurance. Whilst no one can remove these risks completely, we can help to remove the financial risks that accompany them.

Below we have detailed some of the more popular forms of insurance for gardeners and landscapers.

Public Liability Insurance

This would have to be the most popular form of cover for landscapers and gardeners. It is also required by most real estate companies for anyone contracted to do lawn mowing and maintenance on rental properties.

Public liability helps to protect you and your business by insuring you against the financial costs of any property damage or personal injury that is suffered by another person as a result of your business activities.

If your work resulted in damage to someone property, or if you caused them personal injury, normally you would be liable for the financial costs. With public liability insurance you can rely on the insurance company rather than dipping into your own pocket.

Income Protection

Unlike public liability which protects your customers, income protection insurance is all about protecting you and your family.

Lawn Mowing Contractor

If you are unable to work for a period of time due to injury or illness, your income protection insurance can replace up to 75% of your income to ensure you can still look after yourself and your family even though you can’t earn an income.

Due to the manual nature of gardening and landscaping it often doesn’t take much to keep you out of action. Even a broken wrist or sprained ankle could keen you away from work for a period of time. With income protection you can get through these events without the financial burden.

Tool Insurance

As a landscaper or gardeners you will likely have a heap of equipment that is not cheap to replace. Shovels and picks may not be a big issue, but if some of your power tools went missing you’d be up for a few thousand dollars to replace them.

Unfortunately there are plenty of low lifes out there who are happy to break into trailers and bust open locks, so it is important to protect them with tool insurance as well as other physical security measures.

Tool insurance can protect your tools against a range of risks including theft, fire and storm damage and vehicle collision damage. Some policies also provide coverage for accidental damage, provided that the tools aren’t in use at the time.

Other Forms of Insurance

Whilst the ‘big three’ insurances listed above are the most common for landscapers and gardeners, there are a number of other covers which are worth considering.

Life insurance, TPD insurance and trauma insurance are important for all workers and business owners in the trades and services industry. Primarily these covers are designed to protect you and your family in the event of medical and health issues.

For larger businesses, there are other forms of business insurance such as business expense insurance and business interruption insurance which may be worth looking at depending on your needs.

Insurance Quotes

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