Most tradies have plenty in common, and one of the main things is the need for a commercial vehicle.

As a tradie you need your ute or van to haul your tools around and get from one job site to the next. Without your car you’d be in trouble.

So what happens if your car or ute is stolen or damaged in an accident? To get yourself back on the road ASAP you need car insurance.

Tradies Car Insurance

As a tradie there are two ways in insure your ute or other commercial vehicles. You can take out a standard policy through a big name like Allianz or Suncorp, or you can include cover in your trade insurance pack.

Tradies UteTaking out a basic policy through one of the big retail insurers can be cheap, but you need to ensure you tell them that the vehicle is used for work. If you don’t, they could refuse to pay a claim.

Many tradies choose to include their car insurance is their trade insurance pack along with other covers such as their public liability and tool insurance.

The cover offered within a trade pack is generally very comprehensive, and it also means you can have a single payment and policy which covers all of your tradesman insurance needs.

Commercial Vehicles

The idea of what is a commercial vehicle is different for different people.

Many tradies think that only a ute, van or truck can be classed as a commercial vehicle, but the truth is that any vehicle primarily used for business can generally be classified as commercial.

The main thing to remember when insuring any commercial or work vehicle is that you tell the insurance company about the vehicle’s true use.

If you insure your ute through a cheap non-business policy and don’t tell the insurance company that you use it for work, the insurer may be well within their rights to deny a claim that relates to your business use of the vehicle.

As with all forms of insurance, it always pays to be completely honest and upfront with the insurer. It may cost a little more to insure a car as a business vehicle, but it will be worthwhile when you need to make a claim.

Tradies Insurance Quotes

Quotes for car insurance for tradies can be obtained through most insurance companies and brokers.

You will need to provide them with a range of information about yourself and your driving history, as well as details about the vehicle and its intended use.

Whilst most brokers will be able to provide quotes, it is generally recommended that tradies use specialist brokers who can look after all of their tradesman insurance needs.

Here at Tradesman Insurance we can assist with quotes on all of your needs including car insurance, public liability, tool insurance and income protection.

To obtain a quote on your cover simply give us a call or complete our easy to use online quote request.


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